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Re: Allegro 4.4 transition

On 05/03/2012 11:14 AM, Tobias Hansen wrote:
> the Allegro 4.4 and 5 packages are now ready to be reviewed by possible
> sponsors, either from the queue [1] or the git repositories [2,3].

I don't have time to review them, but please don't upload them to
unstable before the release team said so.  Uploading to experimental is
of course fine.

> allegro4.2 needs a simultaneous upload to remove the liballegro-doc
> package, because allegro4.4 creates this one as a transitional dummy
> package.

No need to upload allegro4.2 just for this if you plan to drop it before
the freeze.

> This is the rest of the transition that needs to be done after
> allegro4.4 is uploaded:

Did you try rebuilding the affected packages (replace build-dependencies
as required locally)?

> Could compile without source change, but should still be updated:
> (mostly build depend on "liballegro4.2-dev | liballegro-dev",

I think sbuild might not be happy with this (it only considers the first
alternative).  Also liballegro4.2-dev is still around as long as
allegro4.2 is still in the archive.


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