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Re: ri-li re-wrapped as commercial game by jalada GmbH

On Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 11:32 AM, Paul Wise wrote:

> I was notified about the hex-a-hop one on Sunday. For the hex-a-hop
> one, they are so far compliant with the GPL requirements for source
> code distribution (they include a written offer), but not with GPL-2
> item 6 (they add a restrictive EULA on top of the GPL and other
> licenses).

I've now requested the source from them. At first they wanted a
physical address to mail me the source code. Then I asked if I could
just download it. Their response was a longer email explaining that
they have no public svn server, asking if I have an FTP server they
could upload code to or if they should upload it to their site. The
mail included mentioned their current practices for source
distribution (mailing CDs), that they will integrate their latest bug
fixes, some build dependencies, that they will make me a build howto
and other stuff.

Once I get the source I will inform them that their restrictive EULA
is a copyright violation due to item 6 of the GNU GPL and encourage
them to work with the FSF or gpl-violations.org to bring themselves
into compliance.

I would encourage everyone else to request source for other games,
especially if you are upstream.



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