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Debian Games Team screenshotting party


Based on the result of the Poll[0], I have decided to host the Debian
Games Team screenshotting party[1] on Saturday the 26th of February
between 07:00 and 14:00, this is somewhat shorter than the 12h
initially planned, but given the poll it seems like a reasonable
period, if things are still churning by the end I guess we'll keep
going a bit longer :)


Announcing: The Debian Games Team screnshotting party!

When: Sat Feb 26 07:00-14:00 UTC 2012
 * To convert to local time, you can use
   $ date -d "2012-02-26 07:00 utc" && date -d "2012-02-26 14:00 utc"

Where: #debian-games on irc.debian.net (aka irc.oftc.net)

 1 Grab an up-to-date Debian Sid (unstable) or Ubuntu Precise
 2 Head over to the list[2] and look for a game which is missing an
   appropriate screenshot
 3 Install the game, fire it up
 4 Snap, snap!
 5 Upload the screenshot via screenshots.debian.net
 6 goto 2

For more info see the wiki page[1]

Although the main theme of the party will be Screenshots, if you want
to work on any other aspect of the games packages, feel free to do so,
and join the party!

If you have a [micro]blog or other social media with contacts who may be
interested, please spread the word! ;)

[0] https://dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/dgt_screenshots_party/
[1] http://wiki.debian.org/Games/Parties/Screenshots
[2] http://screenshots.debian.net/packages/games_without_screenshots

Martin Erik Werner <martinerikwerner@gmail.com>

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