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Tagged as PD, clear enough?

I'm in the process of packaging the Red Eclipse FPS game for Debian, and
I would like to get an OK-or-no for the included pieces of content,
taken from http://www.quadropolis.us/node/3029

The content has been explicitly tagged, by the author, as "Public
Domain" from a choice of several (free software) licenses in the upload

In addition, the comment
 "feel free to edit, claim it's yours, use in own projects.
 no credit required."
was added to the description.

My question is if Debian would accept this "license" as OK for non-free.
(which is where the RE-data package will end up for now (lack of art
source material)).

I.e. is it formally correct to interpret the "license" as PD, and the
comment as just a comment (as is obviously the authors intent), meaning
it's free to distribute.
Or would one need to interpret the comment as the actual license, which
would mean needing to bother the author to modify it to explicitly allow

[0] http://www.quadropolis.us/node/add/flexinode-1

Martin Erik Werner <martinerikwerner@gmail.com>

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