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Re: RFS: pysolfc (replacement for removed package: pysol)

On Mon, Dec 05, 2011 at 01:57:37PM +0100, Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> > <stevecotton> ockham: I don't know, I'm not a DD.  But looking at the
> > data files, I don't believe the copyright statements.  For example,
> > cardset-vienna-2k looks to be scanned drawings by a professional
> > artist, while cardset-tuxedo is paint-overs of Tux.  Both claim to be
> > the exclusive work of T. Kirk.
> > <stevecotton> There's a lot of public-domain card sets because the
> > copyright has expired, and I'd believe that the scanned cards are PD,
> > if the copyright identified them as such.
> > 
> I've tried to contact T. Kirk by the e-mail address (grania@...) given
> in the source, but it's dead, which is no surprise, as his contributions
> are more than ten years old.
> What do I do now?
> Bernhard

Hi Bernhard,

Thanks for following up with T. Kirk.

Found something that looks helpful - some of the PySol cards
turned up elsewhere in Debian, with detail about the copyright.

kdegames-card-data has several of the PySol decks, and its
copyright file has researched details about where the scanned data
comes from, and dates showing that the copyright has expired.  It
doesn't have all the decks, but it does have new ones too.

gnome-games-extra-data has the cards as well, but the copyright
annotation is sparse.

In both packages, the individual files have been converted to a
single SVG file per deck.  gnome-games-extra has embedded the
bitmapped front-of-card images.  kdegames-card-data has then
converted them to completely vector images, which makes them scale
nicely but loses some of the detail.


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