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Re: IRC meeting of games team

Hi Chris,

On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 10:05:01AM +0000, Chris Carr wrote:
> Would anyone be interested in collaborating on a games-roguelike task?
> It seems to be a gap in the current list of games tasks, and there are
> already quite a few roguelikes in Debian that we could bring together.

What kind of collaboration do you have in mind?  Just creating the tasks
file and add some Depends is cheap.  Any DD has commit access and if you
are no DD just apply for Debian Pure Blends team on alioth.  If you need
further advise I'd be happy to help you.

Just be bold and start doing something.  If there are some bugs we can
simply fix them later (I always have an eye on any commit anyway and
will try to prevent any problem).

Kind regards



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