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Re: SDL packaging team revival

2011/11/19 Dominique Dumont <dod@debian.org>:
> Hello
> Most SDL packages in Debian are outdated, people are complaining in the BTS,
> and the team is mostly inactive.
> That's bad news for my project. What can I do ?
>   Well, it's Debian project, I just have to step up.
> Thanks to Sam Hocevar, I'm now admin on Debian Alioth SDL packaging
> project.
> So let's rebuild the team. If you'd like to help getting new SDL packages in
> Debian, now is the time to join. I don't have the bandwidth to update all SDL
> packages, but I will review packages from non DD team members.

Thanks a lot for stepping up to solve this issue. I don't have too
much spare time these days, but if there's anything that you might
need (like more sponsoring DDs, for example), you can count on me.


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