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Re: sumwars and wolf4sdl

2011/11/10 shirish शिरीष <shirishag75@gmail.com>:
>> My packages are here (from a revision a few days back):
>> http://www.ebi.ac.uk/~mafm/deb/sumwars/
> That url location does not seem to have the packages anymore.

I deleted them because many things have changed.

Like... I (as upstream) deleted some of the unused and
non-commercial-licensed fonts and misc problems with texts of the
licenses, for example describing old non-distributable stuff never
really used or already deleted.

They decided to release 0.5.5 without any time for further/proper
testing after big disruptive changes (like my implementation of 'make
install' in CMake) from the pre-release to the sudden release, and
some other people made equally big changes which weren't properly

I hoped that they fixed the remaining issues to get the game into
Debian before the 0.5.5 release, and so I would create the definitive
packages candidate to be accepted in Debian, but they didn't.

But now it's pointless to put back my previous .debs, I think.

>> But there are pending issues that make it non-DFSG, mostly a fonts at
>> this point. I wrote about this in a post in their forum and removed
>> some of the "offending" fonts.  All that I can do regarding the
>> remaining problematic fonts is to remove them from the source
>> packages, and patch the GUI-definition files using the fonts for other
>> generic fonts already in Debian.  The result, the in-game menus and
>> messages, might look a bit "crippled", though.
> Debian does have plenty of fonts, doesn't it. While sure it would be
> great if those fonts are open-sourced, if not maybe you can talk to
> the upstream about using some of the open-source fonts.
> Possibly, you already have done that.


The problem is that now some people is pushing to change the license
to non-GPLv3 so the game can be ported to iphones and consoles and
what-not, instead of focusing things like the non-commercial-licensed
stuff that I was pointing at.

These are things that got better since September 2010 (my submission
of ITP) from the Debian packaging point of view:

- avoid in-source Enet and TinyXML libraries (use system-ones)
- creating make install targets
- creating code to use data in /usr/share, instead of installing
everything on ~/.sumwars (so basically, making the game behave
properly in any multi-user system)
- cleaning up licensing issues
- clarifying and using CC-BY-SA 3.0 instead of older non-DFSG licenses
- removing these problematic fonts

All of these were done exclusively by me, nobody else cared enough.

So at this point, I am quite disappointed and losing interest in
packaging the game.  Maybe a couple of days from now they decide to
use some non-free library/artwork/whatever which renders the game as a
whole non-DFSG, and my work will be down the drain again... and I
think that I can find better and more interesting
places/projects/tasks to spend my time.


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