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Re: RFS: zdoom


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> Von: Jon Dowland <jmtd@debian.org>
> An: debian-devel-games@lists.debian.org
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> Gesendet: 12:49 Sonntag, 24.Juli 2011 
> Betreff: Re: RFS: zdoom
> On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 08:09:45PM +0100, Johey Shmit wrote:
>>    I've put it in contrib because it depends on a non-free library from
>>    www.fmod.org which will be downloaded on the fly during the build 
> process.
> I'm afraid I don't think that this is a suitable solution.  The buildds 
> do not
> guarantee network access at build time, and packages are not allowed to rely on
> it.

Ah, didn't know that, that's too bad...

> Somebody will need to package fmod (for non-free) separately.

I wanted to but when asking Firelight Technologies for permission to do so
they denied the right to distribute the library seperately from a game:

|  Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 14:54:36 +1100
|  From: Firelight Technologies <sales@fmod.org>
|  To: 'Johey Shmit' <joheyshmit@yahoo.com>
|  Subject: RE: Debian packaging
|  Reply-To: sales@fmod.org
|  X-Mailer: Microsoft Office Outlook 12.0
|  Content-Type: text/plain; charset="UTF-8"
|  Hi Johey,
|  Thanks for writing.  We're ok with the basic .so being distributed as part of the game
|  but we prefer to have the SDK hosted on our own website to make sure new versions
|  get released regularly rather than have other old versions with known issues hosted on
|  external sites (and not updated).
|  Brett Paterson | CEO
|  FMOD by Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd
|  Interactive Audio Middleware | www.fmod.org

Any idea what can be done about this?

Thanks for any help!


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