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Re: pls help. Xlife updated...

Well, the Debian xlife package was removed a few years ago in favor of
golly (http://golly.sourceforge.net/). Major advantages of Golly are the
modern UI and the stupendously fast HashLife algorithm.

If you want to re-introduce and maintain xlife in Debian, that's
certainly possible. Take a look here:
You'll probably find a sponsor in the Games team.

> I can't find patch level 3 for the version 5.3 for OpenBSD. :-( So
> I'll be a bit happy if somebody will show me a link. I can't also
> find v3.6 of Xlife. :-(

There's an xlife 3.6 here:
And you can find OpenBSD xlife 5.3p3 here:
It looks like patch level 3 only changed some build flags.
(Web archeology is fun!)

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