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pls help. Xlife updated...


Version 6.0 of old XLife is released... It is based on 5.0.8 Debian version and lesser on 5.3 OpenBSD version. It doesn't support all features of v5.3 (see MISSED). However it runs at modern systems (several Linux 32/64-bits distributions were tested) and provides a lot of features (see CHANGES).

It is situated now at



These are several pieces of "historical data".

I tried xlife v5.0 at 2000 first time. I was astonished by its speed. However I rapidly understood that it was with many bugs. The absence of comfortable way to load files looked also a bit sad. So I fixed a lot of bugs and added a widget to select a filename to load. It was 2001. I was busy and had limited access to the net these days. I also thought that somebody more experienced will do all fixes and improvements. 10 years have just passed. I see that nobody makes thing that may cover all my work...

Xlife still has some good points:

1) truly Spartan slyle -- very fast interface;
2) integration with Lloyd's variant of Prisoner's Dilemma mode;
3) fast for 2-states automata;
4) interesting formats for patterns -- #I format is very intellectual and can be used as base for the ideal format (even its present form after compression maybe shorter that compessed RLE for the big files). #I may be combined with #M (RLE). 5) r-format for rules is more compact than table-format with variables or trees
6) structured editing: load scripts, W/D commands

I've made TODO file. Does anybody have suggestions for TODO list?

I can't find patch level 3 for the version 5.3 for OpenBSD. :-( So I'll be a bit happy if somebody will show me a link. I can't also find v3.6 of Xlife. :-(

So I am ready to be Xlife maintainer. Is it possible? I can't contact the present maintainer Barry deFreese. :-(

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