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Re: Debian Games Team Policy


Karl Goetz <karl@kgoetz.id.au> writes:
>> > * Why are there two pets? Whats the difference?
>> The one Ansgar hosts (on 43-1.org) has support for Git, but misses
>> something else. It's somewhere in the meeting log. We should merge
>> those two imho.
> That would be ideal. Ansgar, what would be involved in merging the
> pets?

There are some bugs and missing features that need work before PET2 can
completely replace the old version:

 - I use the templates from PET, but not all information is shown.  Most
information should be already available, but the variables used by the
template are not set yet.  Some information (NEW, incoming, changelog
for last upload) is not yet available.

 - At the moment, PET2 uses the tag name as the version number (with
some replacements).  This sometimes gives wrong results as the map from
version numbers to tag names is not injective (some characters are not
valid in Git tags and are replaced by something else).

 - Same for the source package name. It's quite rare that repository
name and source package name differ, but I have seen it several times.

 - The post-receive hook for Git repositories is currently added by hand
for each repository.  This should be automated.

 - Error handling needs some improvements. (Not too important right now.)

I also thought about adding support to track bugs and updates for stable
instead of just unstable/experimental, but this requires some more
changes.  I'm not sure wheather it's worth it given this is a rare

Also pabs suggested that it might be useful to have a PET for all
packages running, allowing to show not only packages for a specific
team, but also for individual maintainers.  This would require larger
changes, and I myself like the per-team approach (as PET is also used as
a tool to ask for sponsorship).


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