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Wrong dependencies between alien-arena* packages?


I wonder whether the package dependencies of the alien-arena packages
are correct, because:
      * alien-arena[-server] neither depends nor does it recommend
      * alien-arena-data recommends alien-arena

So, if a user apt-get installs alien-arena or alien-arena-server he/she
won't have a working game/server because alien-arena-data is missing.

I'd suggest to fix it this way:
      * alien-arena[-server] depends on alien-arena-data
      * alien-arena-data suggests alien-arena and alien-arena-server

Now users can apt-get install alien-arena or alien-arena-server and get
a working game/server. A circular dependency is avoided by having
alien-arena-data only suggest alien-arena[-server].

If there aren't any objections I'll do another team upload within the
next few days.

Cheers - Fuddl

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