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Bug#619714: atris: uses patch system but has no README.source

Source: atris
Version: 1.0.7.dfsg.1-7.1
Justification: policy §4.14, §4.9


atris uses a patch system but does not describe it using a
README.source.  And unfortunately neither unpacking nor running
"debian/rules patch" yields the patched source, which is needlessly

Luckily "debian/rules patch-stamp" works okay, but in any event it
would be nice to have instructions about adding patches somewhere.

(Noticed because I was checking the archive for bashisms.  Cc-ing the
Debian Games Team in case someone wants to work on this package's
quality.  I dream of some common framework for tetris clones so each
one could be a little simpler and a lesser maintenance burden.)

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