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Re: upstream has released a new version of LordsAWar.

Am 16.03.2011 19:29, schrieb Ben Asselstine:

> There's already a lordsawar package in Debian, and this message is just
> a ping that 0.2.0 needs to be packaged also.

Thanks for the ping; I'll see that I get it packaged.

> 1. libgnet is no longer a build dependency.
> 2. Try to delete ~/.lordsawar/recently-played.xml and
> ~/.lordsawar/recently-edited.xml in post-install.

Uhuh... That's something we can't do, as maintainer scripts may not
touch user data.  We can't surely add a hint to the packages README
files, or maybe replace the lordawar binary with a script warning the
users if it detects something bad.

Has the format of these files changed (if yes:  How does one detect the
obsolete format?) or are they generally unused?

Best regards,

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