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Re: RFS: enemy-territory

On Sun, 20 Feb 2011 at 20:03:41 -0500, Michael Gilbert wrote:
> * Package name    : enemy-territory
> * License         : GPL-3, md4 RSA, zlib
>   Section         : contrib/games

Some random thoughts from a quake3/ioquake3 maintainer:

Do you also intend to enhance game-data-packager to be able to obtain and
package the necessary game data, similar to what I did for quake3?

(In the case of ET, the game data is free-as-in-free-beer and downloadable,
which should simplify things; for quake3 you still have to buy the data, so I
made g-d-p support obtaining pak0.pk3 from the CD-ROM or from a Windows/Steam
Q3 installation).

It might be worth looking through our ioquake3 package or ioquake3 svn for
fixes that can be cherry-picked; I'm gradually getting our backlog of
OpenArena portability fixes merged into upstream ioquake3.

(However, I believe the Q3 and ET engines forked long before either was
GPL'd, so they've probably diverged in many places.)

Does ET still have an embedded copy of libjpeg? Upstream ioquake3 have become
less opposed to using a system libjpeg, although we might have to use


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