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Re: Purpose: how to provide a better user experience running a game


On 07/18/2010 10:29 PM, Devid Antonio Filoni wrote:
yesterday, working on projectfootball package, I found a fall in user
experience. A lot of games require, as you already know, 3D
accelleration, if it is not available they just don't start.  Well,
suppose I'm a new user, how can I know why that game is not working?
(an user might think: "Linux s**ks, games don't work!"
while: "No! Linux is cool, hardware s**ks)
Sometimes a message is showed in the terminal, but users run
applications using desktop files, so it is pretty useless.
This is my purpose: write a software with an UI (GTK+/Qt...) which
shows a popup if hardware requirements needed to play the game are not
reached, if they are, the game runs as usual. This new software should
be added as policy for games which need 3D accelleration support, we
will have to add a dependency on such games and change desktop file...
(still don't know, we have to define that)
What do you think? Should we work on this? Any purpose?


Fedora already does this :)

We have this small shell script which checks of 3d accel is available,
and install a symlink to it called <gamename>-wrapper. The .desktop file
for the games refer to <gamename>-wrapper and the shell script will either
pop up a dialog that no 3d accel is available, or launch <gamename>

Here are the scripts in question:



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