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Re: Purpose: how to provide a better user experience running a game

I think it would be best if any changes we make can be forwarded
upstream. As a result I don't think writing a separate UI is
appropriate, each game should DTRT wrt required OpenGL support
(display a message in the existing window). In any case, if the system
doesn't have GPU-accellerated OpenGL rather than CPU-accellerated
OpenGL then the game would start normally and be slow (unless
Mesa/Gallium is maybe using llvmpipe), so I wonder how common this
crash scenario is. Certainly under the nouveau drivers without
GPU-accellerated 3D support warzone2100, chromium-bsu and primrose
don't crash and primrose even runs at normal speed, warzone2100 is
almost playable and chromium-bsu is slooow.



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