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Re: Thoughts about removing vegastrike from the archive

On Tuesday 18 May 2010 21:31:19 Paul Wise wrote:
> I recently saw a thread saying the data.d.o idea is closer to
> fruition, so at some point it will be possible to upload the
> non-stripped version:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-science/2010/05/msg00018.html

vegastrike hasn't been in testing for 700+ days, and vegastrike-data and 
vegastrike-music have been out of testing for even longer. I've not seen any 
work done for vegastrike in the packaging svn, minus a few updates to the 
Uploaders field. It has 4 RC bugs at the moment of which 2 haven't seen any 
activity in over a year and 1 is close to having no activity for almost a year 

I would also add that no one seems serious about creating a "stripped-down" 
version of the data package and talks about data.d.o going live have been 
ongoing for a long time. There's also the issue that libboost-python1.40.0 and 
libboost-python1.42.0 are the only versions of libboost-python available in 
Debian sid in which case it likely means a lot of patches for current 
vegastrike just to get it to build.

So yes, I do think all vegastrike packages should be removed. There's no sense 
in leaving these package in Debian in the state that they're in. Maybe after a 
"stripped-down" version of the data package is made, or data.d.o goes live, 
then it can be reuploaded.

In case anybody holds sentimental value to vegastrike being in Debian and 
since I'm still an Uploader of the current version of the packages in sid, 
I'll file the removal. I'll wait until this weekend to request the removal.

Andres Mejia

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