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Re: RFS: yofrankie

On Fri, Jun 4, 2010 at 11:02 PM, Benjamin Drung <bdrung@ubuntu.com> wrote:

> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "yofrankie".

More comments:

It is unfortunate that dak doesn't yet support orig.tar.xz (#556407).

The .blend format is so very opaque :(

yeah.wav FTW!

Several of the textures contain rendered text. This is bad since it
prevents i18n and l10n, please poke upstream about that. The whole set
of credits images is one of them!

textures/level_nut/level_under_constr.png and textures/level_nut/x.png
appear to have been created with Inkscape but I don't see any source
code (SVG) for them. Likewise some textures seem to be created by GIMP
or Photoshop but I don't see any XCF or PSD files. Some of them look
like source code would be useful too, the grass ones for example.

textures/temp_river2.jpg and textures/credits.png look like images
that accidentally got included, please ask upstream to remove them.

The font says it was created with FontForge, do you know if upstream
just saved it in TrueType format or if they have SFD available too?
Also it would be good if they put the full license name/URL in the
copyright information of the font.

The upstream COPYING file includes (c) instead of Copyright, =C2=A9 or
"Copr.". The latter are the proper means for indicating copyright
information but the former is not, please inform upstream:


Comments in audio/tree_falling.wav, audo/rock_breaking.wav and
audo/end_level.wav indicate that they came from freesound.org, which
uses the non-free Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0  license. That
said, weirdly, the metadata in all of them seems the same. Please
clarify with upstream what the origin and license of all of the audio
files is and ask them to replace any that are from freesound.org with
DFSG-free ones from the freedesktop games resources list:


Part of the build process recompresses a bunch of PNG images. Since
PNG compression is lossless why doesn't upstream just compress them
once and stick that in SVN? That would save some build time.

The game does not start with blender from experimental:

pabs@chianamo:~$ yofrankie-bge
exec: 2: blenderplayer: not found

On my intel card the game doesn't use any anti-aliasing so it is a bit
ugly. In addition the game options page doesn't seem to use alpha
blending for some of the text so there are big ugly black boxes. Also
the first level you enter from the intro arena has no texture on the
land and water. When you fall in the water it makes big black circles
and similar. Screenshots here:


It would be nice if the launch script would pass parameters to
blenderplayer so we could run the game in window mode. If that is
done, then the manual page should reference the blenderplayer manual
page too.

I get a lot of these warnings when I mouse over menu items:

('\tmouseover: mouse ob name is wrong', 'OBbutterfly_plain')

Lots and lots of warnings and debug output on the console actually.

lintian complaints (forward upstream):

P: yofrankie: no-upstream-changelog
P: ttf-yofrankie: no-upstream-changelog



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