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Re: Re: OpenArena DFSG-fixing

Am Dienstag, den 26.01.2010, 16:26 +0000 schrieb Simon McVittie:
> > I'd say openarena/quake3 could just contain the data, desktop file,
> > wrapper script etc, no need for openarena-data or quake3-data.
> For openarena, we'd probably still need openarena to be
> architecture-dependent so it can contain the .so files that replace the
> missing QVMs (which can't be compiled with a free compiler, see the bugs
> I worked on); it might as well contain the desktop file/wrapper
> script/icon too, since those are tiny.
> At that point, openarena-data should probably remain a separate source
> package just because it's huge; no point having the buildds download
> hundreds of MB of openarena-data just to compile the comparatively small
> game code .so files :-)
> For quake3, quake3-data (proprietary and non-distributable) would be
> produced on end users' systems by game-data-packager, so I think it'd be
> advantageous to put as little in it as possible beyond the pk3 files.
> Anything that ends up in quake3-data would have to be embedded in
> game-data-packager, and updated versions wouldn't take effect until the
> user constructed and installed a new quake3-data deb. We can't usefully
> modify the id Software pk3 files *anyway*, so that's not a problem for
> them, but I think the launcher/.desktop file ought to be in a proper
> package in the (contrib) archive so any bugs in them can easily be fixed.
> In any case, it might be interesting to use the same mechanisms that I
> used in OA to compile the former QVMs as native code while pretending
> for network compatibility that the QVMs are still in use, though, since
> I believe ioquake3 includes source for them? It'd be one less piece of
> sourceless code running on the user's system, and once source has been
> found for them, it's probably easy to check that it is really the
> source, by verifying that the non-free compiler - whose source code we
> do have - produces exactly the same QVM binary that id Software shipped.
> Knowing that, we can hopefully compile it to native code with a free
> compiler, meaning that bugfixes, and potentially even server-side tweaks
> like Unlagged, can be added - as long as they preserve network
> compatibility with the "real" Quake 3. You'd still need the proprietary
> data files to actually play it, so at best it's contrib, but...
> Regards,
>     Simon
Hi there, hi Simon,

I'm too busy with my diploma thesis until the beginning of march to
invest time into bigger changes of OpenArena. As a result I'd suggest
that you can feel free to dig into the openarena packages and commit
changes as you think they're useful. Also - from my point of view - I
have no problem if you upload and NMU the packages ;)

I'll come back to activity when I've finished my diploma thesis.

Happy hacking and best regards - Fuddl

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