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Re: Question regarding large -data packages

Thanks Paul,

>BTW, does upstream plan on making the game data free at some point?

Yes, they do plan on releasing a DFSG release. Mirian Ruiz worked with
them to release a DFSG release last year, but they have not put one
together yet for the newest versions of the software. I've been
working with them to rewrite their licenses and make it more open -
and they have been very receptive. They have content for a CC-BY-SA
release, but they just haven't done it yet. When they do it, I plan on
having 2 source packages:
sandboxgamemaker    -in main, that builds the binary and free data
packages (data package would be sandboxgamemaker-base or something
sandboxgamemaker-data     -in non-free, extended content, provides
sandboxgamemaker-base replaces sandboxgamemaker-base

I am pushing the contrib/non-free now to show that how good debian
distribution is, and how much better full inclusion will be - and how
important continued release of free content is!

Thank you for your help!

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