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Re: tuxcap and atomic worm (Re: source code of "atomic worm)

2009/7/14 W.P. van Paassen <wp.van.paassen@gmail.com>:
>> I was assuming they were released under TuxCap Games Framework
>> license, and the packages are built on than assumption. I have to redo
>> a lot of stuff if it's not (repackaging the tarball leaving those
>> files out, remove the package including the demo...). It'll take more
>> time than expected, I was planning to do it this week, but I guess
>> that won't be possible. I'll try to replace all tat contents with
>> something definitely free, it will probably be the best for everyone,
>> best result and probably quicker.
> yes, good idea, replacing the content is the best solution here.
> Why don't we use some of the free art, music and sound of Go Ollie,
> Atomic Worm and Cuba Letra :-)
> Let me know if you need/want help with this


Sorry, I have been really busy lately. As I didn't find time to
properly replace those multimedia data from the examples, I'm
uploading tuxcap without it, so that it hopefully can get in time for
the freeze (in March, AFAIK) and maybe also for Ubuntu freeze (in


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