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ClanLib 2.1.0 Release

Sorry for the delay, it took longer than I thought.
ClanLib 2.1.0 is now ready to be packaged.
nozzy, I would be very grateful for you to look at it.
We decided to skip the ClanLib 2.0.5 release because ClanLib now has a new versioning scheme.
ClanLib now creates libclan21Core.so, libclan21Display.so (and so on), instead of naming it libclanCore.so and libclanDisplay.so.

Every breaking release will increase the 2.x.0 number. Every backward compatible release will get a 2.1.x version.

So you can now run ClanLib 1.0.0 alongside the latest version of ClanLib.
Find it at http://clanlib.org/download.html
The next version of OpenAlchemy will require ClanLib 2.1.0
clanSDL has been dropped and moved into a seperate package. Currently, it is unreleased, until someone actually uses it.

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