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Re: Looking for a sponsor for spring

On Monday 19 October 2009 18:41:07 Paul Wise wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 11:04 PM, Marco Amadori <marco.amadori@gmail.com> 
> > Anyone offers some hints on what should I do in order to let spring "see
> > the light" in debian?

> Talk to stuckey and decide between you which set of spring packages
> should go into Debian. If yours then replace stuckey's packaging in
> SVN with yours. 

I think stuckey have nothing against this, so ok, I'll replace his work in 

> Currently only spring/springlobby appear to be in SVN
> so the maps/etc packaging could go straight into SVN.

Ok, thanks, after I'll put my stuff in the SVN I'll do another step forward.


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