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Re: Licence statement for all of my maps for the Spring Engine

2009/10/8 Peter Sarkozy <mysterme@gmail.com>:

> I would like to inform you that Im releasing all of my maps for the Spring
> Engine (www.springrts.com) found in the following list under the CC-BY
> licence

Excellent, thanks!

Could you clarify which CC-BY license you have chosen? A link to the
legalcode page on the Creative Commons website would be best. I would
suggest CC-BY 3.0 since that is acceptable for Debian:


The 7-zip compressed map files contain a lot of binary data, what do
you consider the "source code" or the preferred form for modification
for these? Can you describe how someone would modify the maps if they
wanted to? Debian requires source code for all its packages:




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