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binreloc -- public domain

Hi all!

	While I was working on the package for supertux I notices some
files (binreloc) are -- according to their file header -- placed in
the public domain. This is per-se of course no problem.

	However one of the contributors is listed with a .nl email
address, which, in contrast, might be a problem as it is *not*
possible for people from the Netherlands to place their works in the
public domain. So if any of the contributors is a Citizen of the
Netherlands (or Germany for that matter) we have *no* license at all
making it illegal to distribute the code.

	Could you please clarify if one of the contributors is hold by
such restrictions and, if so, could you please give us a regular
license to use? BSD or zlib might be a good pick but everything that
is GPL compatible will do.



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