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Hi all!

	supertux currently has a open RC bug, patches fixing 3 bugs
(including the RC one) and needs some love in other areas as
well. Alexander Reichle Schmehl imported the package into pkg-games
SVN a long time ago and Cyril Brulebois uploaded a package to
experimental changing the Maintainer to the Games Team.

	I would be willing to completely move it into pkg-games domain
with me as an uploader and bring it in shape in the next week. However
I have met some problems.

	The package was imported into SVN including all the experimental
upload and the package in experimental still is considered unstable
upstream. However as all of it was imported I can't just branch it
away. Secondly Ubuntu ships the Version Upstream consideres unstable.

	I can imagine now 2 possibilities: Either I go the way Ubuntu
goes, import the newest Release from Upstream/Unstable and just
continue from SVN or I start from new (possibly but not necessarily in
git -- no topgit this time, I promise ;)).

	Any opinions, suggestions, whatever are welcome. If there are
none, I'll start to do the thing that seems most sensible to me at
that point in time soon.



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