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Re: crystalspace

Gonéri Le Bouder wrote:

On 05.08.2009 14:44, angel@grupoikusnet.com wrote:
On Thu, 30 Jul 2009 00:40:09 +0200, Gonéri Le Bouder<goneri@rulezlan.org>
Hi Góneri and Games Team,

I saw you crystalspace package at

Today the Debian package don't have real active maintain and I wonder
you are interested to help us in the Debian Games Team ?
Sorry for my delay, Im on little holydays... Thank you for your offer, is for me very important. I package crystalspace and celstart for my friends and co-workers at https://www.launchpad.net/~angel-abad/+archive/ppa (and
exported to
some of these co-workers are crystalspace commiters too.

Id like a lot package crystalspace and celstart for debian, im official
debian maintainer
(http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=angel%40grupoikusnet.com&comaint=yes), but as you can see, im so newbie, but think my package skills are good. But crystalspace are huge pacakge, and if I package cs and cel I well need your help for some issues as different architectures and other issues, can you
help me with this?

The packages you see are for ubuntu, but now I have prepared one package
for debian unstable, can I upload to pkg-games git? I have a question with
this, my packages are totally new, I no reuse nothing code from old
crystalspace package. What do you think if I create a new git repo, such
libcrystalspace? Then I upload my new package to this repo, the games team
review it, and if it is good, we can overwrite the older crystalspace

The package I have prepared is very basic at this moment (no python, no
java, no perl), but it works correctly, and later I will adjust the pacakge
for python, etc... And later I will make the celstart pacakge.

I have a question about the package names. My source generates six binary
  - crystalspace
  - crystalspace-data
  - crystalspace-doc
  - libcrystalspace
  - libcrystalspace-dev
  - libcrystalspace-dbg
So you renamed crystalspace-dev to libcrystalspace-dev and added a -dbg. Sounds fine for me.

Fine for me too

Christian, do you have an objection?
Do you think this are good names? Or it should be like crystalspace-1.2,
libcrystalspace-1.2... I think, the first option is the best, what do you
There is no -1.2 in the current package names. Do you think it's acceptable to push a svn snapshot in Debian? Shouldn't go back to 1.4 first? Do you know upstream POV?

I already subscribe to debian games mailing list, I have read games team
wiki pages, and I request join to group in Alioth.
Adding this would mean to maintain several versions, which can be some more work, In the past I notice some scene could only be rendered by specific version. Some games which rely on cs lib could also want a specific version, but they often distribute
cs libs.
It's a good idea to ask upstream POV on crystal-develop@lists.sourceforge.net about what they prefer. Personnally I prefer without version as you did, the package is complex enough to have to maintain several versions. I have some upstream write access, where I used to commit packaging code, that probably also be a good idea to remove it
and reference the place packaging code is available now.
I can introduce you to the upstream list, that the package will be now co-maintained on the debian-devel-games project on alioth
with special interest from
Gonéri Le Bouder <goneri@debian.org>
Devid Antonio Filoni <d.filoni@ubuntu.com>
for exemple.

Welcome in the Team!

Feel free to join IRC, Devid (devfil) was looking for you :).

I'll try to be around, as I'm on holiday, don't wait me to be very responsive



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