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Re: crystalspace

On Thu, 30 Jul 2009 00:40:09 +0200, Gonéri Le Bouder <goneri@rulezlan.org>
> Hi,

Hi Góneri and Games Team,

> I saw you crystalspace package at
> Today the Debian package don't have real active maintain and I wonder
> if
> you are interested to help us in the Debian Games Team ?

Sorry for my delay, Im on little holydays... Thank you for your offer, is
for me very important. I package crystalspace and celstart for my friends
and co-workers at https://www.launchpad.net/~angel-abad/+archive/ppa (and
exported to
some of these co-workers are crystalspace commiters too. 

Id like a lot package crystalspace and celstart for debian, im official
debian maintainer
but as you can see, im so newbie, but think my package skills are good. But
crystalspace are huge pacakge, and if I package cs and cel I well need your
help for some issues as different architectures and other issues, can you
help me with this?

The packages you see are for ubuntu, but now I have prepared one package
for debian unstable, can I upload to pkg-games git? I have a question with
this, my packages are totally new, I no reuse nothing code from old
crystalspace package. What do you think if I create a new git repo, such
libcrystalspace? Then I upload my new package to this repo, the games team
review it, and if it is good, we can overwrite the older crystalspace

The package I have prepared is very basic at this moment (no python, no
java, no perl), but it works correctly, and later I will adjust the pacakge
for python, etc... And later I will make the celstart pacakge.

I have a question about the package names. My source generates six binary
 - crystalspace
 - crystalspace-data
 - crystalspace-doc
 - libcrystalspace
 - libcrystalspace-dev
 - libcrystalspace-dbg

Do you think this are good names? Or it should be like crystalspace-1.2,
libcrystalspace-1.2... I think, the first option is the best, what do you

I already subscribe to debian games mailing list, I have read games team
wiki pages, and I request join to group in Alioth.

Sorry for my English, Im learning hardy :-D

Best Regards!

> Best regards,
>       Gonéri Le Bouder

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