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Re: game backport for Lenny


Gonéri Le Bouder schrieb:

>>> Maybe add a new about all the fancy games that are included in Lenny? Nexuiz,
>>> OpenArena, Battle for Wesnoth, FreeCiv, FreeCol, SuperTux, Torcs? And you
>>> should mention GoPlay, which allows comfortable browsing of games.
> Games have much more short release periode that Debian and so I wish we can provide
> Lenny backport for all the major games we package. If you share this wish, are you
> willing to help and what do you think about adding a note about that
> since sadly just a few people know about backports.org?

I concur that proving backports for games sounds like a sane thing to do,
however I think that mentioning that in the release announcement is the
wrong place, since that should announce new features and interesting stuff,
not mention future intentions.

Therefore I think that the Debian Project News would be the better place
for announcing availability / discussion around backports for games.

Best regards,

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