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Common mailing list for cross-distro game development

Hi Mike,

I found your name in [1]. My name is Miriam Ruiz and I'm one of the
lead developers of the Debian Games Team. Hans, from the Fedora Games
Team and us have been talked for a while to create a common
distribution-agnostic game development mailing list to discuss game
related development common to all the distributions.

Games are probably the kind of software that needs more patching and
maintenance, and in some cases we even have to effectively act as
upstreams ourselves. Currently every distro is doing that on their
own, and we end up making n times similar patches to provide similar
functionality (put files in the proper places, endianess and word size
stuff, building with newer versions of gcc or free toolchains, etc).
It makes a lot of sense to share among us all that stuff.

We've finally set up a mailing list [2] in the freedesktop mailing
lists. Would you, and Gentoo, be interested in joining the project?


[1] http://games.gentoo.org/
[2] http://lists.freedesktop.org/mailman/listinfo/games

PS: I'm CC'ing Hans and the Debian Games Team

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