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Re: packaging sfxr

Miriam Ruiz wrote:
2008/11/13 Hans de Goede <hdegoede@redhat.com>:

When I noticed the talk about sfxr here on the list I immediately hot off my
ass and started packaging it for Fedora.

So here are some things for anyone doing a Debian package:
1) upstream has made a new tarbal (a zip actually) which now includes
2) there is a bug which can cause quite a large delay between clicking a
  and hearing the sound, the Fedora package (see below) has a patch for
3) I've created a .desktop file and an icon for it, again see package
4) The Fedora package also includes a patch to add a window icon

The Fedora package is here:

Debian's here:

Thanks, I'll check yours to see if I can improve mine :)

I've been discussing my improvements with upstream and as upstream only does windows, I've prepared a new release for upstream, note this currently is a proposed new release, but I expect upstream to pick it up:

Quoting from the ChangeLog:

* Various small improvements and 1 bugfix by Hans de Goede
 * Fix a small bug in the audio setup which could cause a quite noticable
   delay between pressing a button and hearing the sound
 * Add an icon and a .desktop file (applications menu entry)
 * Add a make install target, note:  hardcoded to /usr but it does understand
   the DESTDIR make parameter



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