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Re: experimental games-thumbnails package: please test

On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 7:27 PM, Jon Dowland
<jon+debian-devel-games@alcopop.org> wrote:

> Does optipng take as long to run over an already-optimised PNG and do
> nothing as a non-optimized one? I suspect so, meaning we'd need to
> rework the build system either to a) not run optipng at all, and rely on
> contributors doing it, or b) keep two pools of images, those which have
> been optimized (and committed) and those which haven't.

Yeah it does. a) would be good, hopefully just adding a README would
do it. Also, sometimes advpng/pngcrush are better so it is a good idea
to run all three just in case.



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