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Re: experimental games-thumbnails package: please test

On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 7:18 AM, Jon Dowland
<jon+debian-devel-games@alcopop.org> wrote:

> I've uploaded a new games-thumbnails to experimental just now (will take
> a while to appear of course).

I note that screenshots.debian.net is now up and recieving screenshots
(at 800x600). What that means for games-thumbnails and goplay is yet
to be determined, but I think Baby suggested goplay be adopted to
dynamically download screenshots from there.

> This version moves the optipng calls into a make dependency. This means,
> if you have MAKEFLAGS defined or do e.g. fakeroot debian/rules build
> -jX, you can have X parallel optipng calls and massively speed up
> building the package.

Wouldn't it be best to run optipng/advpng/pngcrush over all the png
images with exhaustive searching turned on and then commit that to SVN
or upload to snapshots.d.n. After all, it should not result in a
reduction in quality, just in file size.



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