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Fellow devs...

Paul Wise asked me say a few words about my current project. A while ago 
(in July) I posted [0] on debian-devel@l.d.o stating my intention to 
provide a more or less simple web service to store screenshots of Debian 
applications. I was a tad busy since then (GSoC, paid work) and didn't 
finish the project within a week as I intended. But right now I have my 
IDE open and hope to be able to show something working soon (I'm 50% 
done). I noticed that the games team maintains a games-screenshots package 
so I'd thought you might be interested and I'm of course interested in 
your opinions. Some basic data:

- Designated site: http://screenshots.debian.net (already registered)
- Hardware: Shares a sponsored server with mentors.debian.net.
            ~20 GB of disk space is available. I intend to make 10 GB
            available for screenshots.
- Authentication: As I don't have direct access to LDAP authentication
                  for DDs I currently allow only people with a @debian.org
                  email address to sign up for an account. This it not
                  perfect because Debian Maintainers and sponsorees should
                  be able to upload screenshots for their own packages,
                  too. Perhaps the registration email should allow anyone
                  with a $USER@packages.debian.org address.
- Web software: Moderately simple WSGI application run on Pylons (a Python
                MVC framework) using a PostgreSQL database and a little
                hard disk space to keep the screenshot files.
- URL schema can be customized (thanks to the flexibility of an MVC
  framework). So URLs like http://screenshots.debian.net/$PACKAGE
  (screenshots page for a certain package) or even a SOAP interface are
  easily possible. packages.debian.org could for example add an IMG
  tag to the packages page linking to
  http://screenshots.debian.net/$PACKAGE/firstthumbnail that could
  return either an existing screenshot thumbnail or a dummy picture
  saying that there is not yet a screenshot available.
- Screenshot storage: I intend to shrink uploaded packages to 800x600
                      and prepare a thumbnail like 100x75, too. I'm
                      confident that 800x600 would carry enough
- Management: Uploading, browsing and deleting of screenshots for own
              applications will happen through a simple to use
              web interface.
- Screenshot style: on debian-devel it was argued whether screenshots
                    should contain no or a predefined kind of window
                    decorations. But actually that doesn't really matter.
                    And besides an application without window decorations
                    looks pretty stupid.

[0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2008/07/msg00770.html

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