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Re: [Question for the whole list, please read] Vegastrike 0.5.0 Packages Ready


Andres Mejia wrote:
> On Wednesday 14 May 2008 3:00:57 pm Vincent Fourmond wrote:
>>   Then, if within 10 days no one has objected to me uploading such a big
>> source package (450MB, which would result in a net increase in the
>> archive of 200MB times two), I'll do it.
> It's now been 10 days. If anyone has any objections or concerns, feel free to 
> address them now.

  Well, if you have come by the mail kibi forwarded about the size of
packages, it looks like we'll have to work a bit more, unfortunately. I
don't know when this new architecture will be ready (Joerg had said 2
weeks), but we'll have to wait.

  Then, we create a minimal vegastrike-data-light package containing no
music, scaled down textures, and probably only one race (that was one of
the suggestions), and we have vegastrike Recommend vegastrike-data and
Depend on vegastrike-data-light | vegastrike-data.

  The aim would be to get the vegastrike-data-light package under 50MB,
but 100MB would already be a win anyway.

  Cheers, and sorry for the amount of supplementary necessary


Vincent Fourmond, Debian Developer


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