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Trademarks in packages

Hi Games Team,

As part of my effort working on the slviewer package I have been
discussing with Linden Labs there trademark policy. Currently the terms
SecondLife, various logos and certain uses of sl.... fall under
trademarks of Linden Labs and are subject to the trademark usage policy [1].

Now i think we are familiar with the mozilla fiasco as a good example
from the trademark holders of how not to do things but are there any
good examples of how trademarks can exists with in debian packages? is
this actually even possible in a DFSG free package?

The specific question from linden labs is inlined below[2] but I though
i would start off asking here and then maybe taking the questions to

Are there any other suggestions on how to handle such a situation,
clearly one possibility is to remove all trademarks from a package but
this is bad for the end user as if a package is totally renamed it makes
it *much* harder to find in the archive. I would also prefer to try to
keep the package in main as there are no other blockers on this other
that potentially trademarks.



[1] http://secondlife.com/corporate/brand/trademark/

[2] Hi, Robin.

I'm doing some research to help advise our legal team as they look at
guidelines for trademark usage in Linux packages. It would help if I
could point out some examples of large, consumer applications that were
ported to Debian with TMs intact -- in other words, could you list some
large companies that have granted Debian permission to use their marks
with their ported applications? (I'm very familiar with the Firefox
example, so we needn't rehash that.)

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