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Re: RFC + last issue libsfml

Christoph Egger schrieb:
> Hi
> My package libsfml is now nearly ready I think. If you want to take an closer
> loock at it you can get it from git:
> There are 2 last things needing an closer look:
>  * I'll create an make-orig-tarball target in debian/rules

I have finished this now. make -f debian/rules create_orig_tarball in libsfml
creates the orig-tarball to be used.

>  * The last lintian Warning
>  W: libsfml1: package-name-doesnt-match-sonames libsfml-audio1 libsfml-graphics1
>  libsfml-network1 libsfml-system1 libsfml-window1
>    needs an closer look. As I understand it this is caused by more than one lib
>    being in the same package. I could posibly split the non-dev package to get
>    around this if that is wanted.
> For the rest of the package feedback is welcome.
> Regards
>   Christoph

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