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Re: Secondlife viewer

On Tue, May 20, 2008 at 10:47 AM, Miriam Ruiz <miriam@debian.org> wrote:
> 2008/5/20 Robin Cornelius <robin.cornelius@gmail.com>:
>> If its ok with the games team, i am considering importing the code
>> into a (games team) git repository. (or at least the packaging code
>> with a get source rule). I need to work a few things out as i am
>> currently maintaining 2 branches for the official release version and
>> the release candidates (of which the source code release is sometimes
>> wrong and needs to be grabbed from SVN).
>> But just wanted to check that the team is happy for this and if
>> anybody had any comments.
> You're welcome to import it :)

Ok the base viewer is imported and *should* build with git-buildpackage


This will produce slviewer,slviewer-data and slviewer-dbg

There are probably a whole bunch of packaging issues, off the top of
my head, the games team needs setting as the maintainer, with anyone
who wants to upload as an uploader (i presume this is the way the
games team works too). And the debian/copyright needs lots of love.

Just a warning in case anybody decides to dig in. the current build
system scons is being replaced very very soon with cmake, in fact
should be in the next few weeks. All changes to the code are done via
dpatch apart from the addition of an extra (public domain) icon to
replace the trademarked icon and a tiny tweak to make it build with

I have not yet imported the artwork package as i wanted to clear up a
point first. The packaging for the artwork is pretty trivial. I
wondered if its enough to just have the debian/ directory and
implement a get-orig-source rule. But i have found these to be
sometimes a little cumbersome as this approach does not always *just*

The size of the artwork is quite small compared to many games,
currently version 1.20.7 is at 24.1MB as the majority of "game
textures" are fetched dynamically when "in world" and the deltas
between artwork release is quite small (mostly anyway) so if its not
an issue i will just upload this too.

If anybody wants to test build a few dependencies, apart from the
artwork, my xmlrpc-epi has *only just* been accepted into debian so
will not be on all the mirrors for a little while and libllmozlib is
an unmet dependency which still needs to be fetched from my
experimental repository *sigh* i don't really know what to do about
this at the moment. If any one knows about dynamically loading C++
shared object libraries at *runtime* that would be helpful, then we
can make the library completely optional and if its available offer
its functionality.

Best regards


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