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Secondlife viewer

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if the time is right for me to start to move the work i
have been doing on the viewer for secondlife in to the Debian Games
team VCS.

The main sticky points are resolved and there are only two real issues
stopping the code being suitable for inclusion in debian (that i know
of). One is the blocker of mozlib #450850, the other is the Trademark
issue that is currently being discussed with/within Linden Labs and
they are currently looking at ways of resolving this so that hopefully
we don't need to just rename/remove all their TMs (which is an
option). The rest of the viewer code is GPL, a thorough check of
additional included header files is required but i don't believe
anything would not be considered DFSG free. The artwork is now
licensed CA-SA 3.0  where as it was 2.5 so that resolves that issue.

I have been maintaining an SVN for quite a while now and releasing
test packages from my own apt-repository for nearly 6 months now, but
i have basically been doing this 100% by myself so any additional
input would indeed be welcome.

If its ok with the games team, i am considering importing the code
into a (games team) git repository. (or at least the packaging code
with a get source rule). I need to work a few things out as i am
currently maintaining 2 branches for the official release version and
the release candidates (of which the source code release is sometimes
wrong and needs to be grabbed from SVN).

But just wanted to check that the team is happy for this and if
anybody had any comments.

Best regards


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