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Re: Bwekamba

--- El lun, 19/5/08, Paulo Silva <nitrofurano@gmail.com> escribió:

> I'm too suspicious for talking about this game, because
> i'm the author
> - but i think it's close to the average of the Debian
> games - please
> tell me oppinions
> http://nitrofurano.linuxkafe.com/bwekamba/

Thanks for the suggestion, don't hesitate about talking about it just for being the author, as long as it is Free Software. Information about games is welcome :)

It would be better to move this kind of mails to debian-devel-games@lists.debian.org instead, anyway :)

> please test it, and tell me your possibility of helping me
> packaging
> this game to the Debian repository
> it needs sdlBasic interpreter (it was coded focused on both
> sdlBasic and Debian)

I still haven't finished sdlbasic. I'm having some minor issues compiling it.


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