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Re: Jason Rohrer's latest games

2008/5/16 Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org>:

> They we created in Game Maker, so not something that Debian could
> ship, despite coming with Game Maker source code. See the article on
> his Idealism game for why he moved on to non-free software. It is a
> shame, they sound just as interesting as cultivation, passage and
> gravitation (already in Debian).

To be honest, I'm really really disappointed with this. When I started
packaging Jason's games, he seemed to be a really nice guy with strong
ideals and consistent with them. I feel somehow betrayed in this
trust, when I read things like "It used to matter to my software
community that I adhered to this ideal, and now it no longer does,
because I switched communities somewhere along the way.", "Where did I
pick up this ideal in the first place? From the community that I used
to be part of. Ideals can be contagious, and social pressure is a
powerful force.", "What happens when your ideals, be they
socially-induced or true, stand in the way of one of your goals?" [1]

It feels really bad to know that he considers his own ideas just a
subproduct of social pressure, I feel totally betrayed and I'm  not
that interested in his games that much anymore, to be honest. It's a
pity we're losing developers like him for the Free Software world, but
life goes on. New ones will come :)


[1] http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/editorials/gamedesignsketchbook/3560-Game-Design-Sketchbook-Idealism

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