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Re: Jason Rohrer's latest games

Op 2008-05-16, Paul Wise schreef <pabs@debian.org>:
> They we created in Game Maker, so not something that Debian could
> ship, despite coming with Game Maker source code.

Some people are working on open-source clones of Game Maker. It
doesn't look like any is usable for Debian yet (I didn't actually try
them, don't have time for that right now), but there's hope :)

http://enigma-dev.org/ - aims to be Game Maker compatible but it's at
an early alpha stage, probably not usable yet.

http://www.g-creator.org/ - a look-alike, comes with a Game Maker
importer, but they're not aiming at full compatibility.

- seems to be an IDE but no compiler

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