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Onitama's OpenHSP


Since almost 10 years ago i got amazed with an interpreter and their examples, focused on game development, named HotSoupProcessor, from OnionSoft webpage

HotSoupProcessor (http://www.onionsoft.net/hsp/) appeared firstly in Japan for the PC98 machines, and so Windows-9X and MacOS, and latelly a Linux version appeared (http://www.onionsoft.net/hsp/openhsp/ and http://hspdev-wiki.net/?OpenHSP%2FLinux)

From there, appeared an OpenHSP (the problem is this name project is ambiguous to one named Hosting Control Panel at http://sourceforge.net/projects/openhsp), and their sources can be found even on those editable wiki pages (without login needed...)

HotSoupProcessor language looks like something between ansi-basic and assembly, but it's really easy to learn - good for game coding newbies, and providing Debian repositories the possibility of getting an interesting crescendo of open-source games available, just like could be happen with sdlBasic as well... (thanks again Miriam encouraging the so welcome feedback! :-D )

This makes me think:

- which licence does it use, and if does it fits on the Debian rules?
- is someone here in this mailing list interested on all the process of .deb packaging, setting it in the Debian repositories, etc.?

thanks in advance! :-)

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