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About GoPlay!

Hi all,

 I've started a new redesign of the overall architecture for GoPlay! in
 the directory software/gofind. I'm experimenting with a 2-layer
 structure, in which the engine would be a command-line application,
 and the GUI will connect to it through pipes, via stdin and stdout.
 This will allow its usage from different frontends in the future,
 possibly including web ones, as well as thise coded in languages
 different than C/C++. I'm doing it in a separate branch because I'm
 not sure where it will get, and also I don't wanna unstabilize GoPlay!
 until is usable.

 Feedback is welcome :)


PS: Enrico and Jonas are receiving this email twice, please reply to
this one. I forgot to add the Games Team list in my previous one :)

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