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Re: Introduction


* Miriam Ruiz <little.miry@gmail.com> [071121 18:42]:
> As suggested by Tolimar, there goes my introduction. [..]

Uhm... It seems to me, that allthough I'm the one who had the idea, I
failed to introduce myself in a timely manner.  Shame on me, but here it

I'm Alexander, or Tolimar if you prefer to use my irc nickname.  I have
the luck having allready completed my NM application and may now call
myself a "DD".  You might have allread heard of me, when sponsoring one
of your packages ;)

I life in northern Germany, near Hanover, in the so called "smallest
metropolis" Hildesheim, where I visit the local university and try to
get my Bachelor Degree next summer.

As a small anektode, which seem to fit quite well, I might tell you,
that I got introduced to Linux because of games :)

In those elder days, when the world was still young (did someone noticed
a change in my wording since I turned 30 last month?), a couple of
friends and I used to play network games, and one of our favourite games
would have been "CivNet" the multiplayer version of the famous
Civilization.  We loved that game, even if it was quite unstable, and
crashed very often.

One of those friends told me about something called "civnet", which was
quite stable, good documented, and had only the small drawback, that I
would need to install something called "Linux" to play it ;)

The rest ist history.  After quite some throwbacks (never ever work as
root) I ended up using entirely Debian, and sooner or later became
involved with the project itself, so that I now may call my self
"official Debian Developer", "spokesperson" and from time to time
"CEO" (ue google to understand the last joke).

When baby founded the pkg-games team (thanks for always mentioning that
I encouraged you to do so, even if have told you several times, that I
can't remember to have done anything special), I joined with a couple of
smaller games and planetpenguin-racer.

When I'm neither learn for some exams, nor spend some time with my
fiance, nor do some Debian related fun-stuff to relax from the first two
things, I often read (especially from Tolkien) or bake something (if you
want to visit me, give me some time to prepare a chesecake -- I love
them, but one is to much for me).

Any questions left?

Yours sincerely,

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