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compiled Glukalka zx-spectrum emulator successfully (newbie experience and useful information)


Finally i'm getting the source compiling procedure successfully (i'm a newbie on these things... please don't laugh ;-p ) - what i did is compiling the Glukalka emulator. (version 0.66 were what i found)

My concern about having other zx-spectrum emulators available from the Debian/Ubuntu repositories is because Spectemu is not that good (it only emulates 48k mode, and lots of interesting games and demos only works at least on 128k mode)

Glukalka sources are available from http://glukalka.sf.net

My first try on running ./configure nagged me about some dev library lacks. This below can help something:

apt-get install lesstif2-dev libxpm-dev

It installs some of the dev libraries needed, but xf86vmode.h and libbsd.a are missing - which packages has them?
Btw, even missing them, i got the compiled file working fine up to now... (but maybe not reccomendable for a official .deb distribution...)

So, i did the usual:


The problem were 'make install' didn't work (missing?), and the readme documentation is in russian (neither the cyrillic writing i can understand fine...) - since i could run './glukalka' from the directory i compiled, i assumed '/opt/glukalka' would be a good place for it?

I thaugh this because 'glukalka' executable seems to locate './icons/' (for the lesstif GUI) and './resources/' (roms) as neighbour directories to this executable, not directories from the filesystem (like '/usr/share/glukalka/icons' or '/usr/share/glukalka/resources') - './docs/' would be also kept also at '/opt/' instead of '/usr/share/docs/glukalka/'?

Since the 'roms' directory content is exactly the same as the rom files found from Spectemu packages found from Ubuntu and Debian repositories, it seems there's no legal problems there.

Missing are the '/usr/share/applications/glukalka.desktop' for the Gnome menu, and '/usr/share/pixmaps/glukalka.xpm' for the emulator icon (making these would be a bit beyond a 'pristine' distribution Debian rules cares so much, norms are norms, and thanks god these norms exists) - i couldn't yet contact the Glukalka developer up to now.

If 'glukalka' executable will be always at '/opt/glukalka/' directory, maybe some link or .sh from '/usr/bin/' will be needed to run it from the console as well?

Is anyone here interested on packaging and helping Glukalka being part of the official Debian/Ubuntu repositories?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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