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about packaging pokerth-server

Hey guys and girls,

since 0.6, pokerth includes a server binary for running a dedicated
server, which isn't included in the Debian packages, because at the
time I prepared the packages, there was no documentation how to run the
server, so it was kinda useless (unless you had time to red all the

Now there is some docs in the upstream SVN[1], which looks good enough
for basic understanding. So I'm thinking about building a
pokerth-server binary package for it.

However, I do not know what would be the best way to do so:
1. create an init-script and run the server as nobody (like pioneers do
   for the meta-server)
2. create an init-script and a user pokerth which will run the server
   (like most daemons do)
3. just provide the needed info so the local admin can run the server
   on its own (like pioneers do with the real server, not the meta one)

Of course #3 is not the user-friendly one, BUT:
pokerth-server can host multiple games at the same time (usually the
main server offered by the pokerth-developers is enough), so unlike to
other games, it is enough when there are a couple of servers, serving
many games each, instead of one game each (like pioneers or quake).

I think I'd go for #1, which is disabled in /etc/default after install.
What do you think?


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