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Re: list of orphaned / RFA games

Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
* Barry deFreese <bddebian@comcast.net> [2008-01-10 20:42:22 CET]:
Sorry for the long e-mail but I've done a little more digging.

 And I guess you have added comments to every single of them so I prefer
to reply to your mail than to the initial of Lucas to add my comments. ;)

pydance -- dancing simulation game similar to the kind in arcades
pydance-music -- Songs and step patterns for pydance
I'll probably pick these up and ping Alan Woodland (he had done an ITA at one point). Unless someone thinks the python team makes more sense?

 Please don't pick it up - it doesn't make any sense. The fomer package
maintainer was upstream of the package too, go figure - it's dead
upstream since years. Stepmania is on the road to come along and is
expected to be able to flow into the pool with the 4.0 release. Read the
comments in the ITPs about that.

 As nice as it might be, there is not much of a userbase and picking it
up would mean to have to act like sort-of upstream for it. This brings
me to the other point you raised, Barry, that is, pulling everything in.
I don't think it's a good idea, and if there is no upstream for it it
means that the Debian Maintainers are the de-facto upstream for it. Take
a look at the history of the logcheck package, for a start. Or more
closer, the ammount of effort that Jens Seidel invested into hex-a-hop.

OK, you and Miriam are about a day late and a dollar short as I have already brought most of them in. At least the innocuous ones. The only one I'm not real pleased about is scottfree but you can see the threads on here about that. I have not done pydance and now it sounds like I won't. Thanks!

adonthell -- A 2D graphical roleplaying game
adonthell-data -- Data files needed by Adonthell
Looks like 0.4 is in development. I will look at this one (especially since it's a Role Playing Game :-))

 I liked playing that back then, and there is/was some ITA for it filed
(#427142, #427141). I tried to contact that person on Dec 20th already
with no response so far. I was thinking about adopting it myself, given
that upstream seems to be active again.

I'm having troubles with this one. They have done some updates in their cvs on the 0.3 version but I have troubles building them. I don't quite understand why they have all of their own SDL headers inside the package. I've asked them about this and have yet to receive a response.

xphoon -- sets the root window to a picture of the moon
Again, is this really a game?

 It's in Section: games, I guess Lucas did just filter for that without
further looking.

matanza -- Space ascii war game xeji -- Yet Another Follow the Mouse X

Has an ITA from Sep 2007.

 Maybe some ping out to that person would be reasonable if some help is
required or interest got lost.

xfireworks -- Fireworks in your root window
wmblob -- blobs in a dockapp
Not a game?

 Section: games again.

 So long,

Thanks for responding!


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